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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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When ROProvider start?

  • We released, chaos server last August 12,2017.

How to download?

How to register?

How to Top-up?

Why client is not working in pc?

  • First, always run the patcher in Administrator mode and check the compatibility.
  • Second, turn off your firewall in the control panel.
  • Third, your antivirus if its checking it as virus or not. If yes, try to add the provider folder to the execution of the anti-virus. This is the antivirus who detects it as virus Avira, Avast etc.
  • Don't cancel the installation of vcredist_x86.exe because this is the app needed to run the roprovider.exe. If you closed the installation, you can run it again by going to your provider file path or C:\Program Files\Gravity\Ragnarok Online\install\vcredist_x86.exe.

What are the different types of point in the game?

  • Free Points - Each account will receive 30,000 Free Points. You can buy items in the Kafra Shop at prontera and it sell items that are bound to account. You can still receive this kind of points in events.
  • Rok Points - A points where you can buy items in Mobile and PC cash shop button. These items are trade-able as long as there is no indication on its description that the item cannot be traded. You can still receive this kind of points in events or Top-up.
  • Vote Points - A points used to buy items in Item Shop or in game npc. Each server sell different items and prices in Item Shop.
  • Shop Points - A points used to buy items in the Kafra Manager->Item Mall. You can gain this points by being online everyday. You can still receive this kind of points in events.
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