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Likes & Shares Event

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Entry Date:  October 23 ~ November 5, 2017

Voting Date: November 6, 2017

Awarding Date: November 7~10, 2017


  1. A player should have a Facebook account and post the following information written below.
  2. Once it's done, you must login your forum account and comment the link of your Facebook post on this event including one of your characters name.
  3. Rewards will be sent to the user Post Man -> Points Box.


  • Your post should be in public so that we can see the number of likes and shares.
  • We will only accept 1 entry per player.
  • You must use the same image that we provided.
  • Pointing system will like this.(Likes = 1 pt | Shares = 3 pts)
  • The higher points you have the more chances of winning.


  • 1st - 10,000 Free Points
  • 2nd - 5,000 Free Points
  • 3rd - 3,000 Free Points

Caption and Image


Website: http://roprovider.ph/
Full Client: https://goo.gl/QcRCqe
Lite Client: https://goo.gl/ugFVXo

Episode 10 : Rebirth
Rates: 50 / 50 / 10
Max Level: 99/70
Classes: Transcendent
Guild Capacity: 76/76
Mini-Boss & MvP Cards: Disabled
Maximum Client: 2
Part no-exp idle time: 3 minutes
Real Money Trading: Disabled
Battleground 2.0 (No BG Equips)

** Commands
@alootid, @commands, @showmobs, @showexp, @whereis, @whodrops, @jailtime, @rates, @refresh, @time, @mobinfo

Daily Attendance - https://goo.gl/oTegY5
Free Points - https://goo.gl/ucmVtT
Hourly Bonus - https://goo.gl/Ajsk4Z
Hourly Points - https://goo.gl/zKKtCp
Hourly Potions - https://goo.gl/nfMdeR
Kafra Manager - https://goo.gl/3BY7dq
Refine Announcement - https://goo.gl/uVakNY
Reset Status - https://goo.gl/Vzq8rw
Starter Quest - https://goo.gl/EUzmyd
Monthly Guild Package - https://goo.gl/CZK9wA
Professions - https://goo.gl/7fumab

Note: All links are safe and shortened only in https://goo.gl/




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