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Game Master Application Guide

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What is an Intern GM? 

  • It's a position for trainee where you need to be trained for more than 2 weeks and you should pass the final test in able to be selected as Support GM. You need to post the following information and answer the questions below on this link. We will message you if your application was approved and tell you when to start.

What is the benefit of being a Game Master?

  • Once the server donation become stable, each position will receive their allowance every month.

Full Name:
Full Address:
Employment Status:
Time Availability:

Questions: Copy and Answer below.

  1. What are the things that you may contribute to the server?
  2. What is the first thing you will do once you are selected to be an Intern GM?
  3. Do you have an experience in being a Ragnarok GM? Private or Official? What position? Then explain your work.
  4. How to differentiate a GM from a Player?
  5. If you have a player account and you already started with item, etc. Are you willing to remove or delete your account once you entered the GM Team?


Note 1: All information should be accurate.
Note 2: You must not hide your identity in your Facebook account.

Sample Image:


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