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    Full name Darwin manaclay casenas Age 25 Full Address navotas city Employment status i im welder Facebook [email protected] Time Availability 24 hours Question copy and answer below 1 what are thing that you may cotribute to the server ? Help the server grow many players invite here 2 what is the frist things you will do once you are selecred to be an intern gm? Help player info quest items in job 3 do you have exprience being a ragnarok GM private or official What poation the explaint your work I exprience ragnarok gamemaster all players is asking info in server in i im police gm anther server 4 How to diffrentiate GM from a players A gm more commands the normal players basic commands 5. If you have a play account and you already started with etc you willing to remove or delete your account once you entered the gm team YES