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    IGN: HarryBoy FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214673737863000&set=a.2098517868432.2129314.1409968085&type=3&theater
  2. Full Name: Harold Semilla Age: 39 Full Address: 329 Makisig St, Bacood, Sta Mesa, Manila Employment Status: Full (abroad) Nationality: Filipino Facebook: www.facebook.com/harryboy14 Time Availability: 22:00 - onwards Questions: Copy and Answer below. What are the things that you may contribute to the server? Since I'm at a different timezone I can be online during wee hours when most of the GM team are offline What is the first thing you will do once you are selected to be an Intern GM? Help players as much as I can and make sure there are no bots and bug exploiters Do you have an experience in being a Ragnarok GM? Private or Official? What position? Then explain your work. - Yes. Private. Owner. Tried making scripts for my own server never really launched it online. Became one of the "bot catchers" in one private server long time back How to differentiate a GM from a Player? The sprites are different is the first thing you will notice If you have a player account and you already started with item, etc. Are you willing to remove or delete your account once you entered the GM Team? Yes