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  1. Traper Build Working or not?

    Sorry, I was newb. It's because it only works on Renewal and RevoClassic setup.
  2. Questable Headgears

    Maybe at least 1month expiry sir. We don't have much players and it's very hard to get what you need specially cards. I hope there's an alternative way. Thank u for ur response
  3. Traper Build Working or not?

    It will take me hours of gameplay to test this again and we don't have reset. Don't you have the ability to change your level and Class in instant sir? Regards.
  4. Questable Headgears

    Hello GM and Admin, It would be nice if we have more questable headgears. What we had right now seems to be hard to get and has an expiration of 7days. It would be better if it's permanent. Thanks.
  5. Hello, have anyone tried to make a traper build Hunter? As far as I've remember I've made a Hunter last July (before wipe) and it's not dealing significant damage. 70int Claymore trap only gives 2,200 damage. Any experience from you guys?