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    IGN: GM Freya FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=155148265086813&set=a.137999416801698.1073741828.100017749200816&type=3&theater It should be like this.
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    This entry is not counted. You should post the whole information and not sharing our post.
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    this morning when i checked it shows 5 hours before i can vote.... then after 5 hours... it shows 11 hours again.. its the same thing every day. please take note that i was not able to vote ever since as it always shows cooldown hours.
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    Changelog: Tier Spender Points has been reset. New reward items and tier increase. Slot is now visible. Added new items in the Cash Shop. (Items descript are based on ratemyserver.net pre-renewal) Removed some items that bug from the last update. Fixing some source code that we encountered from Kiel Hyre Quest. Dimensional Keys cool down time reduced by 50% from November 1~2, 2017. Gonryun warp from the Kafra Warper has been removed. Drop rate of Mastela and Royal Jelly is now accurate to the server rates.
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    Facebook: cyril villena Ign: Versace On The Floor
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    Changelog: Adding a Halloween Quest. Related Link: https://roprovider.ph/wiki/index.php?title=Halloween_Quest Adding a new item in Cash Shop. Dimensional Key - Use to increase the number of items obtain in the Halloween Crate and lessen the cooldown time by 50%. Vicious Mind Aura - A limited item that bound to account when equipped. Change the WoE schedule to 9PM to 10PM.
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    Changelog: Guild castle has been reset. Each guild can only have 2 castle per War of Emperium. Get 52% more exp once a party reach the maximum member limit. Added new items in the cash shop. Updated Kafra Warper dungeon list and price. Card drop rate increased from 0.01% to 0.05%. Hourly Bonus and other drop boost is not yet included in the increased. Note: We would like to apologize for those who tried the Valkyrie Server. All data will not be removed but the server need to be re-launched on the right time.
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    We would like to announce that ROProvider Chaos Server will be released on August 12,2017 4PM GMT+8. First, we need to conduct a survey if this release will be effective for us and all of the players out there waiting for a good Ragnarok Online server that may last 5 to 10 years or more. See you in the Grand Opening and kindly vote on our poll.
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    Done voting, see you all in game