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  2. Patch Note 11-1-2017

    Changelog: Tier Spender Points has been reset. New reward items and tier increase. Slot is now visible. Added new items in the Cash Shop. (Items descript are based on ratemyserver.net pre-renewal) Removed some items that bug from the last update. Fixing some source code that we encountered from Kiel Hyre Quest. Dimensional Keys cool down time reduced by 50% from November 1~2, 2017. Gonryun warp from the Kafra Warper has been removed. Drop rate of Mastela and Royal Jelly is now accurate to the server rates.
  3. Likes & Shares Event

    IGN: HarryBoy FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214673737863000&set=a.2098517868432.2129314.1409968085&type=3&theater
  4. Likes & Shares Event

    Ign: Versace On The Floor https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10210863480243275&id=1239971035
  5. Likes & Shares Event

    IGN: GM Freya FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=155148265086813&set=a.137999416801698.1073741828.100017749200816&type=3&theater It should be like this.
  6. Likes & Shares Event

    Facebook: Bob Gerald In game name: Censored Lord Knight Lvl 99/70
  7. Likes & Shares Event

    Like this? IGN: Versace On The Floor
  8. Likes & Shares Event

  9. Likes & Shares Event

    This entry is not counted. You should post the whole information and not sharing our post.
  10. Likes & Shares Event

    Facebook: cyril villena Ign: Versace On The Floor
  11. Likes & Shares Event

    Entry Date: October 23 ~ November 5, 2017 Voting Date: November 6, 2017 Awarding Date: November 7~10, 2017 Mechanics: A player should have a Facebook account and post the following information written below. Once it's done, you must login your forum account and comment the link of your Facebook post on this event including one of your characters name. Rewards will be sent to the user Post Man -> Points Box. Rules: Your post should be in public so that we can see the number of likes and shares. We will only accept 1 entry per player. You must use the same image that we provided. Pointing system will like this.(Likes = 1 pt | Shares = 3 pts) The higher points you have the more chances of winning. Rewards: 1st - 10,000 Free Points 2nd - 5,000 Free Points 3rd - 3,000 Free Points Caption and Image
  12. Patch Note 10-18-2017

    Changelog: Adding a Halloween Quest. Related Link: https://roprovider.ph/wiki/index.php?title=Halloween_Quest Adding a new item in Cash Shop. Dimensional Key - Use to increase the number of items obtain in the Halloween Crate and lessen the cooldown time by 50%. Vicious Mind Aura - A limited item that bound to account when equipped. Change the WoE schedule to 9PM to 10PM.
  13. Kachu event?

    Hi gm have you ever npc kachua event in progress ?? If so, can I get a list of event items?
  14. Patch Note 10-07-2017

    Changelog: Fixed VIP System Upgrade. Fixed Moscovia Entrance. Fixed The Sign Quest. Reset all memo of acolyte class. Infinity Treasure Chest usables are now bounded to account and not rental anymore. Shop Points and Kafra Item Mall will no longer available. Instead of gaining Shop Points from the hourly points event. You will receive Loyal Points. All data of Shop Points will become Loyal Points. Traded items in the Collectors Tivan npc can be exchange to Loyal Points instead of Shop Points. Added Rare Trader in prontera where you can buy permanent costumes for Rok Points. Every purchased will also added to your tier spender points. Added a map for amatsu dungeon 1. Reset Event There will be an unlimited reset stats and skills on October 7 & 8, 2017. Loyal Points A new game currency where you can buy bounded items in an npc at prontera. This kind of points can be obtained only in Mining, Fishing and Gathering. Daily Adventure Quest There is a five relay quest that you can gain experience. Get 1 Infinity Treasure Chest after completing all the quest. Daily Collection There is an increase in the item requirements. Item reward increased from 1pc to 2pcs Infinity Treasure Chest. Added 1 million experience reward. War of Emperium War of Emperium reward changed to 2 pcs Zeny Envelope and 1 Infinity Treasure Chest. Profession System Mining, Fishing and Gathering. Added @prodata command for your profession data like level and experience. Added a quest npc for Letter Challenge item where you can obtain in mining/fishing/gathering. List of items can now obtain only in the Cash Shop Treasure Boxes. These items are also bound to account when equipped. Karada Meguricha Hat Flapping Angel Wing Ice Wing Ear Alice Doll Gentleman's Pipe Ifrit's Ears Black Tea Kochakaden Hat Baphomet Horns White Snake Hat Snake Head Hat Dragonic Bone Head Robo Eye
  15. Traper Build Working or not?

    Sorry, I was newb. It's because it only works on Renewal and RevoClassic setup.
  16. Patch Note 09-19-2017

    Changelog: New items in the Cash Shop. Get 10% more ROK Points when converting for 1 week. All castles will be reset and 4 different castles will be available every week. Each sheduled War of Emperium will have 1 castle only. Schedule for War of Emperium will be T/Th/Sat/Sun - 21:00 ~ 22:00. Guilds can can now conquere all the castles as long as it was available.
  17. Patch Note 09-12-2017

    Changelog: Fixed backup timer for Guild Registration System. Added VIP System. Fixed Tier Spender Rewards. Server Database Backup. VIP Bronze Base/Job EXP Bonus: 25% Death Penalty Increase by: 2% Battle/Job Manual Bonus EXP: 25% Drop Bonus: 25% Party Bonus EXP: 5% Cash Mount Speed: 15% BG Reward Bonus: 1 Added Commands: @noks, @iteminfo, @autotrade VIP Silver Base/Job EXP Bonus: 50% Death Penalty Increase by: 3% Battle/Job Manual Bonus EXP: 50% Drop Bonus: 50% Party Bonus EXP: 10% Cash Mount Speed: 25% BG Reward Bonus: 2 Can't be stripped by skills. Added Commands: @autoloot, @autoloottype, @noask VIP Gold Base/Job EXP Bonus: 75% Death Penalty Increase by: 5% Battle/Job Manual Bonus EXP: 75% Drop Bonus: 75% Party Bonus EXP: 15% Cash Mount Speed: 50% BG Reward Bonus: 3 Skills with gemstone requirements can be used without gemstones.
  18. please enter the game

    Full Name:hyunwoo kim Age:36 Full Address:seoul korea Employment Status:seoul Nationality:korea Facebook:[email protected] Time Availability:yes Questions: Copy and Answer below. What are the things that you may contribute to the server? all What is the first thing you will do once you are selected to be an Intern GM? no Do you have an experience in being a Ragnarok GM? Private or Official? What position? Then explain your work. noㅠㅠ How to differentiate a GM from a Player?god If you have a player account and you already started with item, etc. Are you willing to remove or delete your account once you entered the GM Team?yes
  19. Patch Note 09-07-2017

    Changelog: Guild castle has been reset. Each guild can only have 2 castle per War of Emperium. Get 52% more exp once a party reach the maximum member limit. Added new items in the cash shop. Updated Kafra Warper dungeon list and price. Card drop rate increased from 0.01% to 0.05%. Hourly Bonus and other drop boost is not yet included in the increased. Note: We would like to apologize for those who tried the Valkyrie Server. All data will not be removed but the server need to be re-launched on the right time.
  20. Patch Note 08-29-2017

  21. Patch Note 08-29-2017

    Since unfortunately activated 2rd. ALSO ACTIVATE AUTOLOOT !!!
  22. Patch Note 08-29-2017

    STOP doing transcendent class, you're ruining this server. And also, you need to re-enabling the dual mode for desktop user. Thats how outsiders see our server alive
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